About Us

eSmartMetrics was founded in 2014 by Simon Wildash and Paul Miles, friends and heating oil users who felt that too many heating oil purchasers were overpaying and that there had to be an easier way to heat with oil.

Having tested the products available, the decision was made to develope their own sensors and software to be better, cheaper and easier to use. The technology has now moved on to a point where eSmartMetrics has developed a ground up proprietary solution which addresses the shortcomings of existing monitors and brings smart technology to bear.

In late 2018 Paul and Simon have been joined by Ian Ronald, former CEO of Boilerjuice, who has invested in the business to continue the development of the technology and generate further growth.

  • 2000 monitors in use and growing fast.
  • 20 years of software expertise
  • Countrywide installation engineer base
  • Fantastic team who are ready to help

Our Team

Paul Miles


A highly experienced software engineer with a particular interest in cloud based data management solutions. Oh, and an oil user.


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Ian Ronald


An investor in eSmartMetrics, former CEO of Boilerjuice interested in driving efficiency for fuel users and improving service levels in the fuel industry generally.

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Simon Wildash


An oil user who co-founded eSmartMetrics with Paul to make fuel tank level monitoring easier, cheaper and more reliable. Simon’s specialism is in marketing and communications.

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Emma Tink

Customer Service Manager

Manages customer interactions to ensure everything runs smoothly, and if it doesn’t it gets put right fast.


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Isobel Hammersley

Finance Manager

Keeps the financials on track and our accountants happy.


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Lillie Hedderwick-Turner

Uk Fuel Buying

Responsible for supply for customers using eSmartMetrics fuel management solutions.

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Scott Bellis

Software Engineering

Our Microsoft technology expert, who specializes in delivering scalable web and mobile applications on our cloud data platform.

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Tom Noton

Installation Services

An experienced OFTEC registered heating engineer who is responsible for our nationwide team of engineers (we are not going to name them all here).

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