Mobile Data Sensors

GSM sensor

Simply install one of our screw fit rechargable 3G single unit sensors onto your tank and you can be up and running in minutes.

Our mobile data sensors provide a cost effective solution to tank level monitoring in the mobile and fixed installation market. Combined with our cloud software platform solutions we can transform fuel logistics efficiency for domestic or commercial customers.

Reliable Mobile Connection

3G roaming SIM degrading to 2G GPRS for reliable data comms

Location Tracking

Built in GPS hardware to ensure accurate location data

Long Duration Deployment

Configurable 3-6 month battery life

Smart Charging

Sealed unit with contactless charging ensures protection from the elements and a 5 hour fast charge

Intelligent Scheduling

Tailored scheduling options dependent on battery life and use case

Standard Installation Options

2 inch BSP threaded OR Custom mount, also compatible with 'Watchman' sensor mounts.

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